Building more road links

Map shows the Coastal Highway (red lines), Pan Borneo Highway (black line) and Second Trunk Road (in dotted lines).

With the Pan-Borneo Highway project set in stone, the chief minister felt that it was vital to catapult economic development in the coastal areas which did not enjoy the connectivity of inland areas.

In March 2018, Abang Johari announced that the state government would embark on completing its coastal road network.  Because Sarawak had many rivers, many bridges were needed to connect the areas. 

He stressed that Sarawak was committed to providing not only road access but also quality infrastructure to ensure safe and comfortable travels.

A second trunk road was also mooted by Abang Johari shortly after his announcement of the coastal road network in the same year. The road will provide shorter routes to the main trunk road while linking up with the Pan-Borneo Highway and the coastal road network. Both projects costing RM11 billion are expected to be completed within 10 years. 

The state government is now thinking of embarking on another major road network project — the border security road. It is understood that the road construction project will extend beyond 2030.

The proposed border highway will enable Sarawak to safeguard its multi-billion-ringgit assets such as the Sarawak-Sabah gas pipeline and the four hydroelectric dams in Bakun, Murum, Batang Ai and Baleh.