Bung Bratak Heritage Centre is temporarily closed

KUCHING: The Bung Bratak Heritage Centre is temporarily closed until further notice because Kuching was declared a Covid-19 red zone recently.

Bung Bratak Heritage Association (BBHA) chairman Datuk Peter Minos explained that most of the centre’s visitors came from Kuching.

“We at Bung Bratak apologise to our valued trekkers and visitors – the hundreds of them especially on the weekends – for any disappointment caused,” he said in a recent statement.

However, he assured that as soon as Kuching area was declared a green zone by the state government, Bung Bratak would be opened again.

“Once we reopen, visitors will be able to enjoy their trekking, the mountain fresh air and spring water, mountain scenery, the jungles, flora and fauna, the waterfall, and many other things connected to nature,” he said.

Minos said the centre would continue to make Bung Bratak the best mountain spot around, to be enjoyed by nature lovers, environment enthusiasts and even history buffs.

He said this was because Bung Bratak was once the original home of the Bidayuhs of the Jagoi Bratak group who first settled there over 750 years ago.