Minos at the waterfall on the Bidayuh bamboo bridge.

KUCHING: A newly discovered waterfall at Bung Bratak will be open to visitors and trekkers starting Monday.

“After a long search in the deep mountain jungles of primary forest and wild bamboo at Bung Bratak, a 200-foot waterfall was recently discovered. What a find!

“Like water falling from the sky, the Bung Bratak waterfall is a wonderful sight – beautiful and majestic,” said Bung Bratak Heritage Association (BBHA) chairman Datuk Peter Minos in a statement on Friday.

He said that Bung Bratak Heritage Centre (BBHC) staff had made a track to the waterfall through the thick jungle along the mountainside.

“Jungle trekkers will enjoy the walk to the waterfall, which is about half an hour from the Centre,” he said.

He noted that the last lap to the waterfall was very steep, so BBHC had constructed a traditional Bidayuh bamboo bridge leading to it, as well as a bamboo platform at the waterfall’s base.

Minos said that the bridge by itself was also a nice sight and would be enjoyed by visitors, describing the bridge as a traditional Bidayuh ‘engineering’ of sorts.

“Head there while at the Centre; enjoy a half-hour jungle walk and see a wonderful waterfall sight and scenery,” he said.