The suspect (left) is being escorted to the police station.

MIRI: A 40 year-old burglar was caught red handed after he busted into a rented room at a three-storey shophouse in Centre Point here on Wednesday morning.

The suspect, who lives a few blocks away, was spotted packing up several valuable items from the victim’s rented room.

According to sources, the victim, a female in her 30’s, was in the bathroom when the intrusion occurred.

When she walked out from the bathroom, the victim was stunned upon seeing the suspect inside her room, packing up her belongings.

Terrified, she began shouting for help.

Her neighbours who heard her shout, immediately called the police for assistance.

Police swiftly apprehended the suspect who was trying to hide.

It is believed that prior to the incident, the suspect had climbed over the roof of the building before reaching the victim’s unit.

The suspect is currently being detained at Miri central police station (CPS) to facilitate investigations.