KUCHING: There have been a number of thefts at workplaces here recently.  A self-employed man, 32, from Sin Juak Garden accounted that on Tuesday at 11.50pm, his workplace alarm went off on his mobile phone while he was at home.

The victim rushed to his workplace at Foochow Road and found that a window had been forced open.

Among the items that were stolen were executive chairs, ladders, grinders, iron bars, speakers, a water pump, a table, a vacuum cleaner, a saw cutter, an iron drill, and a sprayer.

The estimated loss was reported to be over RM15,000.

On Wednesday at 8am, a businessman went to his office at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce to find the grill forced open. Missing from his office was RM4,000 cash.

Another businessman, 56, from Sejingkat Industrial park also reported that his factory was broken into on Tuesday. Items stolen were copper cables, copper rods and a copper bar. The burglars made a forced entry through the front door of the premises. The loss has yet to be estimated.

Meanwhile, a kindergarten teacher from Kampung Tupong Batu, Petra Jaya came upon her school fence that had been forced open and found that a computer, a standing fan and an air-conditioner had been stolen. She immediately filed a police report. The school suffers an estimated RM4,000 in loss.