Dr Lim (third right) with the university’s students.

CYBERJAYA: Limkokwing University of Creative Technology has launched their Business Innovation Club on Oct 3, in the presence of industry practitioners and academia.

The club is an affluent initiative of the Post Graduate Centre by the innovative committee consisting of academic staff and postgraduate students from over 165 countries around the world who study in their Cyberjaya Campus.

The university founded by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Paduka Dr Lim Kok Wing is known for his creative initiatives across Asia, Europe and Africa.

The launch was held at the Plaza, where international students expressed their feelings and importance of having a club as such. While several motives are lined up, to start with, the Business Innovation Club will provide a platform for students to closely network with industry leaders through the forums planned for the future.

This will be a platform to promote Research and Entrepreneurship skills of the students. All undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to become a member of the club. The vision is to serve as a framework to guide every student to contribute the best in their field of research, innovative business models and entrepreneurship.

Jennifer from the Centre of Post Graduate Studies and Professional Development said it would be a great opportunity to apply what she learned in Limkokwing back in her home country.

“The club will provide opportunities to students to display their creative and transformative ideas, more specifically their interpretation of their work, as a transition to their professional careers.

“It will also allow students to keep their business ideas active and executed. At the same time, encourage student ventures and help in identifying the business acumen of all of us as well as unite like-minded people of business intelligences.”

Dr Lim (third right) with the university’s students.
A Limkokwing University student explaining his bicycle design to Dr Lim (left).

From brainstorming to the materialisation of their projects, students are thrilled to use the incubator lab that would be set up as a part of Business Innovation Club to assist students for their further Project Developments.

“Business Innovation Club is for the students, by the students and to serve the students.” It was narrated in the event that the club will be open to all students to register with no fee. 

The Centre provides a global and multinational learning environment with close to 90% of International Post Graduate Students. The Business Innovation Club will also offer Academic Merit Scholarships to those students who strive for excellent performances.

The launching ceremony concluded with a brief tour of Limkokwing Branding Gallery, led by a team from PGC. Branding Gallery exhibits the contribution by the
president and showcased works done by students as a part of their projects over the years.

In the credit treatment of postgraduate studies, Limkokwing University currently have around 550 PhD students, and more than 800 students undertaking their master’s studies. Limkokwing University offers two PhD Programmes, eight MBA programmes, three MSC’s programmes and a Masters of Communication Programme and a Masters in Digital Film and Television.