Businesses take hit from SOP travel change

Police personel inspecting the police permit for inter-district travel. File photo: Bernama

KUCHING: Movement between zones was changed to districts effective May 31, and the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said the decision was made after taking into account the current Covid-19 situation.

Following this latest development, businesses have been severely impacted.

Nurul Ain Aman Umar

Nurul Ain Aman Umar, 22, who sells satay, said her business had taken a hit as her customers from other districts such as Samarahan would not be able to order her satay.

“I can’t deliver my satay across the districts as I have many customers outside of Kuching.

“Unlike in the past, customers outside of Kuching will come to my shop just to taste my satay but as a consolation, I still have customers from areas in Kuching.”

“I fully understand the decision by the Sarawak government because it is for the safety of the public following the increase in Covid-19 cases.”

Nur Fatin Iskandar

Meanwhile, Nur Fatin Iskandar, 27, said the SOP change also severely impacted her cake business.

“Currently, for customers outside of Kuching, we would just use postal instead of delivery since we cannot travel between districts.

“My main concern is, normally, if I am delivering my cake outside of Kuching, such as Samarahan, I would send to my customers on the very same day.

“…but if I use postal service, I would not know when my cake would arrive because everything is up to the service provider.

“Anyway, the most important thing right now is the safety and health of Sarawakians.”

Siti Sarimah Abdullah

For Siti Sarimah Abdullah, 31, the SOP change did not really impact her business much since most of her customers are from Kuching.

“I also have my own supplier in Kota Samarahan so for those who want to taste my biscuits, they can come to my shop in Kota Samarahan.”

“It’s a good decision by the Sarawak government. We can decrease the spread of Covid-19 by controlling who comes into the district.

“I hope everyone will follow standard operating procedure (SOP) as it’s meant for our own good.”