Businessman killed at rubber estate

Ramli showing a sticker at 'Ops Selamat' Christmas 2019 event at Siburan. Photo: Nadim Bokhari

KUCHING: A businessman was killed by two armed men believed to be foreigners at a rubber estate in Ulu Layar, Betong.

Sarawak Commissioner of Police Datuk Ramli Din said the 31-year-old rubber trader, accompanied by his 48-year-old employee cum assistant, headed to the estate in Kabok to purchase rubber at around 2pm on Tuesday.

Upon their arrival at the estate, the men met two men believed to be estate workers who claimed they wanted to sell rubber.

The trader’s assistant then entered the estate, leaving his employer behind. But 100 metres in, he heard the trader screaming.

Ramli said the assistant immediately ran back and saw the workers attacking his boss with a stick and a machete.

Upon seeing the assistant coming towards them, the men attacked him too, injuring his right palm and head. The victim escaped by running into the estate where he soon lost his way.

A few hours later, the man found his way back, Ramli told a press conference after officiating at ‘Ops Selamat’ Christmas 2019 at Siburan yesterday.

He added that the businessman died of his injuries at the scene of the attack, while his assistant was taken to Sri Aman Hospital.

The police are now tracking the whereabouts of the suspects.

“As of now, the motive of the attack is being investigated. We believe that it was not robbery as the trader’s money amounting to RM14,800 was untouched,” said Ramli.

Ramli showing a sticker at ‘Ops Selamat’ Christmas 2019 event at Siburan. Photo: Nadim Bokhari