: (from left) Narcotics Crime Investigation Department (JSJN) deputy chief Supt Wong Leong Meng with Francis and permanent secretary of the Ministry of Welfare, Community Welfare, Women, Family and Child Development, Dr. Rashidah Bolhassan.

KUCHING: One hundred and twenty-seven Integrated Operations/Intervention Programmes for Drug and Substance Issues were conducted by the One-Stop Committee (OSC) to address drugs and substance abuse issues (OSC MIDS) in Kuching district last year, compared to 100 programmes in 2019.

Assistant Minister of Community Wellbeing Datuk Francis Harden Hollis today revealed that there was a 27 percent increase in the programmes conducted last year. He was presenting the committee’s monthly report on the programmes in December last year.

He said a minimum of four such programmes per year had been set as the key performance index (KPI) for all districts in Sarawak.

Harden added that the district mapping and zoning based on the level of risks for drugs and substance abuse in Sarawak for 2020 would be revealed in the monthly report in February.

He said the committee’s plans for this year included enhancing operations to combat drug and substance abuse as well as drug trafficking and improving the intervention and rehabilitation treatments of individuals and families involved in substance abuse. 

“We want to set up development and intervention centres for communities involved in substance abuse and expand our services to intensify treatment and rehabilitation in the communities.

“We also want to enhance prevention programmes in communities that are vulnerable and involved in substance abuse,” he added.