Call to repair telco tower

Telecommunication tower at Nanga Serau Katibas in Song.

KUCHING: The authorities have been urged to do something about the telecommunication tower at Nanga Serau, Katibas in Song.

In making this call, Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (Sadia) permanent chairman Munan Laja said that the telecommunication tower at the said area has not been functioning for more than a year.

“Since it was built a few years ago, this tower is not reliable and completely not functioning. It has been almost a year but nothing has been done to fix it,” he said yesterday.

Munan said his longhouse is just 500 metres from the said tower and he does not know what problems are causing the tower to be not functioning.

“We were thinking that when having the tower near to the longhouse, we can easily make calls, but no.

“The rural folk in the area are dire need of telephone communication and Internet of Things (IoT), but this telecommunication tower at Nanga Serau is hopeless,” he said.

He therefore called upon the authorities to look into the matter and fix it urgently.

“It is useless to have a non-functioning tower,” stressed Munan.