Awang Raduan with participants after the launch of the campaign.

KOTA SAMARAHAN: The Kota Samarahan Labour Office is fully committed in its effort to implement its ‘New Normal Culture in the Community’ campaign.

Sarawak Department of Labour (JTK) director Awang Raduan Awang Omar said the main objective of the programme was to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“The programme is in line with our main programme, Labour Grap (Go Rural Area Programme), and the Malaysia Day celebration.

“It also targets individuals, families and communities in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” he said after launching the campaign here on Friday (Sept 11).

Awang Raduan added that the programme used the CAPP approach – Cegah (Prevent), Amal (Practice), Patuh (Comply) and Pantau (Observe).

“C means preventing Covid-19 by educating families and communities on new ways of life; A means practicing behaviour to prevent oneself, family and community from Covid-19 infection.

“P means the operation of key sectors of the country and other government directives and P means monitoring the status of personal and family health, immediately seeking treatment if there are symptoms. Perform body temperature and symptom screening before entering workplaces, educational institutions, care centres such as old folk homes,” he explained.

According to him, all 16 JTK in Sarawak launched the campaign on Friday at different times.

Awang Raduan added that 10 vehicles and 37 staff participated in the Labour Grap programme on Friday.

“We have seven stops, namely Sebuyau-Pusa-Kabong-Sarikei-Tanjong Manis-Bintangor- Kampung Jerijeh Belawai. It will end in Belawai on Sept 15.”