Catholic church collecting donations for India

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kuching, Most Reverend Simon Poh during the live streamed mass.

KUCHING: Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kuching, Most Reverend Simon Poh has announced that the church’s collection (money contribution) in the Kuching Archdiocese starting Sunday (May 16) will go towards helping India which is facing a Covid-19 crisis.

He said public donations would be collected until May 22 and then be given to the Malaysian Catholic Bishops’ Conference which was accepting donations for India. 

“For this Sunday, let us offer collection from our three live streamed masses in aid of India.

“While we may be struggling financially, it is good to remember that many others are suffering much more than us,” said Poh during the weekly live streamed Sunday mass at St Joseph Cathedral today.

He said together the people could make a difference for others by offering any help that they could.

“What I believe is that while we may not have much to solve the problem, we believe that when we give in love and in faith out of our poverty, this will make a difference for those people that we have managed to assist.

“We believe that together, when we share the little we have, we trust that God in his goodness will supply the needs of others as well as bless us so that we still have more than enough to share and help those around us,” he said.

Poh said that Catholics or anyone can contribute towards the church’s e-collection for India via online transfer at the Archbishop of Kuching Hong Leong Bank Bhd account at 252-50-04357-5.

“The contribution can also be made via Sarawak Pay by scanning the QR code provided,” he said.

The bank details and QR code are also available at the Archdiocese of Kuching’s website.

The Archdiocese of Kuching mass collection details.