Celebrate Nuzul Al-Quran at home

State Mufti department director Mual Suaud

KUCHING: This year’s Nuzul Al-Quran will be celebrated at home with families instead of converging at mosques, said State Mufti department director Mual Suaud.

He said the celebration which falls on the seventeenth day of Ramadhan should be taken as an opportunity for families to appreciate the true meaning of the Al-Quran in each other’s company.

“What is more important is that we benefit from the Al-Quran. The first revelation to Prophet Muhammad which is Surah Al-Alaq has brought about a huge impact to the community at the time.

“It is responsible for its role in shaping the people’s attitude then from being ignorant to being people of faith,” he said in his weekly sermon yesterday.

Mual pointed out through the revelation, the Prophet was able to erase ignorance through preaching and message carrying.

“This way, lessons can be easily grasped based on the capability of the human brain,” he said.

He also took the time to remind devotees of the concept of ‘Tabayyun’ which translates to verification, in the context of handling fake news.

“We can quell fake news by researching what happened, this is what is said as ‘Tabayyun’; to not viral something we are unsure of. Surely, by doing that we can cut off the spread of these useless information which congests our digital world,” he said.