Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique

KUCHING: As Malaysians celebrate Malaysia Day today (Sept 16), the success of the nation can be encapsulated in a variety of ways and most importantly, is celebrating the achievement of the people’s strength of unity.

National Unity Minister Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique said the prosperity that the people enjoy today is a direct result of the willingness of Malaysians to practise the spirit of unity amidst the diversity of our religions, races and cultures.

“Our diversity colours our uniquely Malaysian outlook and is the bedrock of our beloved homeland’s prosperity.

“Let us never take for granted the unity that we have achieved. Our collective efforts to preserve harmony between all must continue to be strengthened,” she said in a statement today (Sept 15).

She said as the country are fighting the spread of Covid-19, she hope Malaysians will continue to be mindful and adhere to the new standard operating procedures (SOPs) while practising good values and courtesy.

“Although this year’s Malaysia Day is celebrated in moderation, I am confident that the spirit of togetherness amongst Malaysians will still be evident as we continue to practise the values that unify us.

“Let us all celebrate Malaysia Day with great appreciation and may it further strengthen our bond. Our unity will surely ensure the peace of our sovereign nation. Happy Malaysia Day. Stay united and stay safe,” said Halimah.