Celebrating Mother’s Day with a difference

Robinson Sidi and his mother, Anney Wylda.

KUCHING: Today is Mother’s Day – a time to celebrate and honour all mothers in the world. However, this year’s celebration may not be the same due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Usually, for many people, Mother’s Day means taking mothers out for special dinners at restaurants or pampering them with all the things they love.

Today, some people will be spending Mother’s Day at home with their mothers while some, who are far away, will be making video calls to wish them well.

Candy Rusing, 20, is sad she cannot meet the most important person in her life – her mother – today due to the movement control order (MCO).

“Im currently in my husband’s village at Kampung Slabi Sangkam in Serian while my mother is in Kampung Sibakar, Padawan.  It’s been a long time since I last met her,” she said.

Candy said usually on Mother’s Day, she would spend time with her mother and together, they would cook, bake cakes and cookies together.

“I will try to call tomorrow. Sometimes, the connection in my mother’s village is really bad and the line will be cut off while we are talking,” she said.

Candy Rusing and her mother, Jika Tandak.

Sabrina Petrus, 29, said this year’s Mother’s Day was definitely different for her family.

Usually, her family would drive up to Sematan and Lundu to enjoy fresh seafood and spend the weekend at a resort there.

“Unfortunately, this year,   we cannot go out because of Covid-19. However, we can celebrate it at home by getting creative,” she said.

Sabrina said since her mother loved breakfast, she would prepare her a special meal such as club sandwich and noodle soup. 

“My dad will be preparing western food in the evening.

“We are not ordering food from restaurants as food delivery service at our area is not reliable at all,” she said. 

Although she cannot take her mother out for dinner, Joyce Lee is grateful she still can spend quality time with her mother at home.

“We will have a simple dinner at home and order a cake for her as well,” she said.

Robinson Sidi, 30, too, said this year, there would be no Mother’s Day dinner in a restaurant.

“I will be ordering some of my mother’s favourite food to celebrate the special day at home.

“What is important is that we appreciate mother’s sacrifice and love for us,” he said.

Desmond Marcus, 29, said usually he would celebrate Mother’s Day with some home cooked food at home.

“This year, it is still the same. My sister and I will do the cooking. We will get our mother a cake too,” he said.