Channel to be on MYTV soon

SMG chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman

KUCHING: Sarawak’s own television station, TVS will expand its reach to the MYTV broadcast service in the near future.

Sarawak Media Group (SMG) chief executive officer Suhaimi Sulaiman said discussions were ongoing with the network for TVS to also be accessible to MYTV users besides Astro subscribers.

“We are going to be accessible on MYTV for which we are now working out the full details. For now, we are looking at its pricing.

“While I couldn’t say a specific date, I think we are almost there, we hope to get it done as soon as possible,” he said in an exclusive interview with New Sarawak Tribune.

He was responding to calls for the new TV station to be available on a free platform for it to be accessible to all walks of life.

“We have to start somewhere and now, there are a lot of people who are using Astro as their cable network. In Sarawak, about 80 percent of viewers have access to Astro.

“Our contents will also be available online. We are also uploading it to social media so that it is accessible from anywhere,” he said.

TVS will premiere on Astro channel 122 on Oct 10 from 6am.