Che Adam races with time in feat to conquer seven mountain peaks

Che Adam A Rahman. Photo: Bernama

KUANTAN: Racing with time is more tiring for Pahang Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) director Lieutenant Colonel (PA) Che Adam A Rahman than to climb up seven mountain peaks in a week.

He said time is always the main ‘enemy’ as the mountains are in different states, hence careful and precise planning is required to ensure the mission, which is considered impossible by some, could be completed on time.

“It all involved travel by road and I had to reach the location of the climb in the evening so that I could get a good rest for the climb the following day. The climb had to start at 9.30am so that it would not be too late for the descend and to proceed to the next destination.

 “Sleep was limited and sometimes, I had to do the stretching exercises in the vehicle while travelling or during stops at the rest and service area to ensure I am fit for the next climb,” he told Bernama.

Che Adam, 46, started his seven-day mission on April 1, during which he conquered the peak of the 1,276-metre Gunung Ledang, in Johor, followed by Gunung Angsi in Negeri Sembilan (825m); Gunung Hitam in Selangor (1,220m); Gunung Kerunai in Perak (1,000m); Mount Jerai in Kedah (1,175m); Gunung Sarut in Terengganu (1,229m) and Gunung Siku in Pahang (1,915m).

It was a feat that will make him the first Malaysian and civil servant to be recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records to do so, with a ceremony scheduled to be held next week.

The father of four who started to be active in mountain climbing in 1997, had been making preparations for the climb since three months ago.

 “The thing that worried me most was the weather and Alhamdulillah, the weather was fine during the climb … I just need to drink enough water so that I don’t get hydrated and I always had the protein bar with me,” he said.

Asked which mountain was the most challenging to climb, Che Adam, who hails from Kampung Cabang Tiga, Kuala Terengganu, said Gunung Jerai and Gunung Ledang have the most challenging tracks.

He took eight hours to climb Gunung Ledang, which is a 14.89-km journey, and only three hours and 32 minutes to go up Gunung Angsi, involving a distance of 8.79km.

Che Adam dedicated his success in conquering the seven mountain peaks to the frontliners, regarding the challenges during his climb as representing the various obstacles facing the frontliners in ‘fighting’ against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, Che Adam completed a solo climb involving eight hills in eight districts in Terengganu in two days and hopes to make a solo expedition to the Everest Base Camp (EBC) in Nepal next year. – Bernama