Children’s books leave lasting impression on Hanifah

Nordiaya Usop's children at a book exhibition


MUKAH: A teacher’s efforts to get her children to write books has left Mukah MP Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib beaming with pride.

She told Suara Sarawak how she had met Nordiyana Usop, a teacher at SK Sungai Penipah at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Pre-Gawai gatherings in Dalat, Tellian and Balingian.
“I was impressed with her efforts in encouraging her children to get involved in writing and they have produced children’s reading books,” she said.

Nordiyana’s children are Afif Jazimin, 12, Nuruljannah, 10, and Harith Aziz, 9.

“They are now studying at Sekolah Kebangsaan Agama Mukah. I would like to share with you their books,” she said listing down their efforts thus far.

In Terendak Igan, Nuruljannah tells about Terendak Igan who is the pride of the Melanau community, especially in his village; Majlis Belanggar Meja, authored by Afif Jazimin narrates a tradition in his village during the month of Syawal. This tradition is only practised in the village of Igan.

Another book entitled Pusak Ungu, written by Harith tells an interesting story of imagination about a purple cat (pusak); and a fourth titled Mom, Auf Nak Terbang! Is written by Nordiyana who tells the story of Auf who is very fond of aeroplanes. Auf aspires to fly a plane one day.

According to Hanifah the children started writing in 2021 after participating in a Children’s Story Book Writing Workshop organised by Sinaran Ilmu.

“Until now, her children have produced five story books each.

“Afif Jazimin produced books titled ‘Majlis Belanggar Meja’, ‘Kaul Igan’, ‘Jaguh Padang’, ‘Explorasi ASK’ and ‘Sedapnya Sagu’.

“Nuruljannah produced ‘Pantai Igan’, ‘Terendak Igan’, ‘Jom petik Cili’, ‘Penulis Cilik, and ‘Macam-Macam Ada!’.

“Harith Aziz also produced a books titled ‘Koleksi Dinasour’, ‘Harta Karun’, ‘Pusak Ungu’, ‘Hero & Putih’ and ‘Jom Makan Linut’.”
Meanwhile she thanked everyone who came to enliven the events which were held in Dalat on May 14, Dewan Suarah Mukah (Tellian) on May 15 and in Balingian on May 16.

Datuk Hanifah Hajar (second row, centre) took a picture with the children’s book writers at Dewan Suarah Mukah
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