(From left) Lee, MMS manager Mary Tan, operation manager Francesca, manager Yong Ing Hui, and ENZ advisor Margaret Low.

KUCHING: It is every Malaysian’s dream to study abroad after completing their secondary school education as it is an opportunity to see the world with an added bonus to further their tertiary education.

However, it is not easy to decide where to go due to the many tempting choices. But why not give New Zealand (NZ) a go?

While there are other options across the world, NZ is an ideal place for parents to send their children. The Kiwis’ hospitality is unrivalled and can provide wonderful learning experiences.

In the NZ Education Fair 2019 organised by Market Management Service (MMS) held at the Pullman Hotel yesterday, New Sarawak Tribune reels in for an exclusive into what makes NZ a worthwhile educational pursuit.

(From left) Lee, MMS manager Mary Tan, operation manager Francesca, manager Yong Ing Hui, and ENZ advisor Margaret Low.

According to Education New Zealand (ENZ) market manager Desiree Lee, over 2,000 Malaysian students pursue their studies in NZ, annually.

“NZ offers a truly future-focused education. Globalisation and disruptive trends such as artificial intelligence and automation are reshaping the world of work.

“In NZ, education provides students with the skills required to excel in their future careers and create a positive impact in the world,” she said.

Based on statistics in 2018 by the Economist Intelligence Unit, NZ’s education system is ranked first among English-speaking countries and third in the world for delivering a future-focused education.

Lee further explained that NZ’s qualifications are internationally recognised and that studying abroad really broadens up the mind.

“Living and learning alongside people from other countries increase cultural awareness and understanding.

“Students are exposed to different world views, ways of thinking and looking at things, helping them to become more outward-looking and accepting other cultures,” she said.

She also added that NZ’s size means that students have a more personal experience here. Cities are compact and easy to get around.

“Apart from that, New Zealanders’ hospitality towards international students is among the best. It was the first country to put in place strict guidelines for the care of international students.

“Definitely, international students feel safe and more at home studying abroad in NZ,” said Lee.

Chang (left) and her son, Chin.

Meanwhile, a mother, Anna Chang and her 18-year-old son, Aloysius Chin, said that universities there are an ideal option as they offer a safe environment and good education policy for her son.

Alister dreams of studying abroad.

Alister, 17, said that he aims to study abroad after completing secondary school.

“I want to explore the world outside Malaysia and studying abroad will give me the opportunity to have both — an education and overseas experience,” he said.

For more information or inquires on studying abroad in NZ, visit MMS’ webpage at mmsmalaysia.com or WhatsApp at 012 – 808 9112.

Among the visitors at the one-day education fair.