CID chief vows to solve murder case

KUCHING: State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief SAC Denis Leong is leaving no stone unturned to find the identity of the burnt murder victim, whose remains were found on an empty land at Jalan Pelabuhan at Pending Industrial Estate early Monday morning, and the suspects involved.

After a midnight meeting yesterday, Leong and detectives from the Sarawak Police Headquarters and Kuching Police Headquarters were at the crime scene near a bridge at Jalan Pelabuhan.
There, Leong directed his men to comb for any murder weapon.

Leong (centre) telling the detectives where to conduct the search for clues.

At the crime scene, Leong said until now, the police did not know whether the murder victim was a female or a male. He said based on the burnt marks, the heat was very intense because it could burn the remains beyond recognition.

“The murderers did not want us to recognise the remains, thus delaying the progress of the case. But we will get there,” he vowed.
The charred remains of Mr or Miss X were found by two men from Bintawa who claimed to be looking for scrap metal. They stumbled upon the remains at 11pm on Monday and lodged a police report on Tuesday at 1pm.

Leong urged anyone who had information on the case to contact the police. He assured them that their identities would be kept confidential.
He said the two scrap metal collectors would be called in to assist the police. He also called on anyone who witnessed the fire on Monday night to contact the police. He said police were interested to know the time of the fire which he believed was so intense that it could be seen from the road.