Cinematography webinar next Tuesday

Poster of the webinar

KUCHING: A webinar on cinematography titled, “Audio & Sound Design for Film: The Forgotten Siblings?” will be held next Tuesday (July 14).

It will feature Malaysian filmmakers with vast experience in both production and post-production side of filmmaking as part of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) cinematography programme’s Mini Film Festival (MFF).

The third in a series of webinars held by the organisers, this time it would focus on the subject of audio, which is a prominent branch of filmmaking.

MFF programme director Yow Chong Lee said films made locally tend to focus on visuals, rather that emphasising on audio recording and sound design.

“This situation is further hampered by the naive thought that everything can be fixed at the post production, while in actual fact, this is a big no-no should one wish to avoid headache at the post-production stage,” said Yow, who is also the webinar’s moderator.

Among the panellists that will feature in the webinar are audio recordist Azhar Razid, editor Safwan Salleh, director Umi Salwana and sound designers Mohsin Othman and Megat Sazali.

Both Safwan and Megat are the alumni of Unimas credited with producing films such as “Pusaka”, “Roh”, “Vikingdom”, “Jagat” and ‘Apokalips X”.

In collaboration with SeaShorts Film Festival and Sinema.SG, the webinar will discuss and share some tips on the workflow involving all departments in filmmaking ranging from directing to audio recording and sound design at the post-production stage.

The webinar will go live at 8.30pm through Mini Film Festival’s social media.

In order to receive the streaming link, audiences are encouraged to register for the event at

For enquiries, contact Lau Kai Wen at 012-850 1957.