Civil servants urged to be creative and innovative

Shahabuddin presenting a prize and a mock cheque to the winner UPIKS group from JPN.

KUCHING: Civil servants today need to be creative, innovative and critical in finding solutions to serve the public.

Sarawak Federal Secretary Mohd Shahabuddin Omar urged civil servants to equip themselves with skills, find opportunities to explore new things and to be aggressive in learning and improving towards excellence.

He said this during the closing ceremony of the short video competition in conjunction with the Sarawak Civil Service Innovation Week at National Institute of Public Administration Malaysia (Intan) Sarawak here last Thursday.

“This programme plays a significant role in cultivating new norms by introducing new service innovations offered by the central or the state government agencies and department.

“This is to enliven efforts and culture in the civil service community to strive for excellence and effectiveness to provide services.”

The short video competition started on Sept 14 and was participated by nine groups from eight federal and state government departments.

Mohd Shahabuddin hoped that this programme would continue in future and to be a vehicle towards delivering good innovation service and competitiveness in the new norm.

He also mentioned that Malaysia was ranked 47 in the E-Government Development Index (E-GDI) in 2020.

“This proves our government’s capability and commitment in digitalising and service delivery improvement, which includes the identification and refinement of the services offered.”

He said the practice of value creation should be the basic effort among civil servants to have an innovative and creative working environment.

“This readiness is seen from the effort to always create products and services, especially to streamline delivery to the people to be more effective and in line with current development of technology.”

“Therefore, every department needs to make a change in accordance with the industrial revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0), which of course will not be possible to do within a day because of new practices and working culture.

“These changes require determination, commitment and continuous effort from all sides, both top level officials to the implementing group.”

Meanwhile, UPIKS group from the National Registration Department Sarawak (JPN) was crowned the winner, while second and third were ICT group from Sarawak Matriculation College (KMS) and the D’511 group from 511 Territorial Army Regiment (511 AW) respectively.

Also present were Intan Sarawak director Mohamad Anuardi Hajani and Labour Department director Awang Raduan Awang Omar.