Claims of stalled appointments baseless


KUCHING: A recent claim by community leader Temengong Datuk Vincent Lau Lee Ming that the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) is stalling the appointment of Sibu community leaders is baseless.

PDP acting youth chairman David Yeo said the former’s comments to disparage another party’s proposed candidates by hiding behind the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) was done in bad faith. 

“Public service is not exclusive to any party and no party can claim exclusive rights to appoint community leaders. It is as if he (Lau) has declared himself overlord or supreme leader of the Sibu community.

“Lau should explain why he is being defensive about PDP’s proposal for each party to appoint half of the community leaders to serve in Sibu. Does Sibu or the entire Sarawak belong to Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP)?” he asked.

Yeo stressed that SUPP did not have a monopoly to serve the people in any area and that PDP does not need Lau’s permission to propose its own candidates for the positions.

“If he thinks that PDP is trying to get its way, that still does not give Lau the right to trample on PDP,” he said in a statement on Thursday (June 3).

Yeo said Lau should ask himself whether SUPP had lived up to its promises and deliver satisfactory public service to Sibu folk.

“If the work cannot be done well, other capable local people must be allowed the opportunity to serve, instead of enduring in silence. What’s the use of appointing people who cannot serve the community?

“I want to stress that instead of questioning appointment matters, Lau should first reflect on his work, and see whether he or SUPP had been listening to the Sibu people.

“Are their efforts in the community working? It looks like rather than performing effectively, publicity and slogan-shouting seem to be the priority for them,” Yeo said.