Class rotation good option but not long-term

Adam Prakash Abdullah

KUCHING:  The proposed ‘class rotation’ system could be an alternative to conduct learning sessions amid the current Covid-19 situation in Sarawak.

However, it would not be practical on a long-term basis.

Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) president Adam Prakash Abdullah said the proposal was applicable since Sarawak has insufficient number of classrooms to conduct learning sessions.

Apart from that, class rotation would be able to ensure that physical distancing would be adhered to.

“However, we cannot implement this system for long as it is uneconomical in terms of time, space, manpower and it is not in line with our philosophy of education.

“Furthermore, students need to complete their syllabus within a specified time before they sit for their exams.

“Therefore, class rotation is an alternative in the critical situation but not practical on a long-term basis,” he said on Monday (April 19).

He was responding to Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii who recently proposed ‘class rotation’ as a long-term measure to mitigate Covid-19 risks.

Adam further said Sarawak was facing a serious shortage of teachers that would not be resolved anytime soon.

“Having said that, the time has come for the Education Ministry to look into the current situation and make adjustments to the curriculum and academic calendar.

“While this could be interruptions to the normal schooling pattern, it could also be an opportunity for scholars and academicians to come together and relook our education policies.

“From then onwards, they can maybe come up with something more suitable for the future taking into account the safety and education system of the country.”