Mohd Syafiq fielding questions from reporters.

SERIAN: The state Road Transport Department (JPJ) has assured that the cloned vehicle problem bedevilling the country is under control in Sarawak.

Mohd Syafiq fielding questions from reporters.

JPJ director Mohd Syafiq Anas Abdullah pointed out that a few cases of cloned vehicle have been identified but its number was far lower than those in Peninsular Malaysia.

“So far, there has been two cases where the vehicles involved have been seized by the authorities,” he said in a press conference at Serian Enforcement Station here, yesterday.

Car cloning happens when a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a legally registered car is used to hide the identity of a stolen or unsafe salvaged vehicle.

Mohd Syafiq believed that the geographical location of the state has played a big role in its success of deterring such illegal activity.

“In terms of accessibility to the state, entrances are mostly through land instead of waters.

“The services provided by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department in inspecting and examining vehicle at the borders and ports around the state, is preventing people from bringing in cloned vehicles,” he added.

JPJ assured that any vehicle suspected to be cloned, in possession of forged documents, or having a fake license plate, would be brought to nearby enforcement stations for further inspections and investigations.