Close schools, home learning recommended in red zones
By:Natasha Jee
Close schools

KUCHING: Home-based learning (PdPR) is certainly challenging for both students and teachers.

While noting this fact, the Malaysian Parents Consultative Association (Mapim) Sarawak branch is of the opinion that schools which recorded positive Covid-19 cases including schools in the red zones must be closed temporarily. To fill in the teaching and learning vacuum, PdPR is the way to go.

Its acting chairman Datuk Rozalix Edi Wahab said the temporary closure is to enable the process of identifying close contacts and this would avoid the risk of further transmission of the virus to others.

“If proactive measures are not taken, we are worried that this will expose students and teachers to the risk of contracting the virus,” he said on Sunday.

He therefore hoped that the school sessions through the PdPR method could be implemented again until the situation in the state subsided and students could resume their studies as usual.

“In fact, it can be seen that Sarawak is the champion in topping the number of daily Covid-19 cases in the last few days.

“That is why on behalf of Mapim Sarawak, we support the re-implementation of PdPR in view of the increasing positive cases lately,” he pointed out.

To carry out PdPR is quite difficult for all parties especially the Ministry of Education (MOE), schools, teachers, students and parents as it involves money, time and commitment of all if the PdPR is re-implemented, he said.

“We also urge everyone to always adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the government wherever we go.

“We cannot take it lightly as we have not won in our war against this pandemic,” said Rozalix.

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