Clothing business based on Borneo patterns

KUCHING: Rejerki Misek, 41, started sewing clothes as a hobby and for his family.

However, today, he has turned his hobby into a business and has even received orders from overseas for his clothing products which feature Borneo-themed designs,Rejerki said he did not expect to receive such a very encouraging response to his clothes.

“In the beginning, I just wanted to spend my free time sewing clothes for my own family.

“I absolutely did not think that the handiwork shared on social media would attract the interest of the community out there,” he told the New Sarawak Tribune in an interview.

Rejerki started his business of sewing clothes in 2014. “I started seriously sewing for customers after many people became interested in the trendy Borneo patterns.

“I took the opportunity to highlight my own designs,” he said. He added his family encouraged him to start the business and what kept him going was their support.

“The main business I run is a clothing business based on Borneo patterns. Rejerki had an online business from 2014 to 2016. From 2017 to 2020, he had a store at Kuching Sentral.

“It closed when we were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now I’m still continuing my business online only.

“I used to have an assistant, especially when there I had a shop.

“I do my business now on Facebook,Instagram as well as Shopee,” he said.

The Malaysian Art School dance instructor said among his challenges was the need to balance between his duty as a teacher and managing the business.

“My dream is to become one of the clothing manufacturers who promote Borneo patterns, especially the famous Dayak patterns, in Sarawak. I want to produce materials and fabrics with Sarawak motifs that are different from existing fabrics in the shops,” said Rejerki.

“I have to limit the number of clothes produced because I do not have an assistant,” he said.

Every festival like Hari Gawai Dayak, Rejerki’s designs are sought by customers.

“Usually, I sew clothes according to the wants and ideas shared by the customers. I just follow their wishes and take care of the quality of the handmade products,” he said.

Rejerki said the prices for grown ups’ clothes ranged from RM85 to RM220 each.

“So far, I have often received orders from customers from Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia in addition to Sarawak.

“Not only that, I also received orders from as far as Singapore, Brunei and Australia,” he said.

“I hope one day I will be able to provide clothes such as dresses for rent, especially for customers, to wear on festive days.

“I also hope that one day, I will have a boutique for my ‘Borneo In Style by House of Tribal Garment” brand,”, he said.

Meanwhile, for those interested, visit Borneo In Style by House of Tribal Garment’s Facebook page or contact Rejerki at 019-835 0699.

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