CMCO in Sarawak extended to June 7

KUCHING: The conditional movement control order (CMCO) in Sarawak, which was supposed to end on May 17, will be extended for another 21 days from May 18 until June 7.

This is the latest directive issued by Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in a statement on Saturday (May 15).

“After looking and assessing the situation of the positive cases which are still high in Sarawak, SDMC has agreed to extend the CMCO in Sarawak from May 18, 12.01am to June 7, 11.59pm,” it said.

The committee said the complete additional information on the standard operating procedures (SOPs) would be posted on the National Security Council’s (MKN) website.

SDMC has decided to enforce the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) in six villages and longhouses for two weeks.

The committee said the villages that would be put under the EMCO from May 14 to 27 were Kampung Jabai and Kampung Hulu Sebauh in Bintulu.

The longhouses that will be put under the EMCO from May 15 to 31 are Rumah (Rh) Ayup, Nangga Lassi Mit and Rh Nyandang Lasi in Julau as well as Rh Berayun, Sg Nansang Tugong and Rh Douglas Jenuang in Pakan.

The committee added that the EMCO would be extended for four longhouses in Mukah and Sarikei.

It said the EMCO for Rh Jali, Jalan Bukit Dinding-Bergerik and Rh Lanyau, Jalan Bukit Dinding-Bergerik in Mukah would extend from May 16 until 23.

The committee added that Rh Gana, Kemantan and Rh Lat, Sungai Anggie Atas Bayong in Sarikei would continue to be put under the EMCO from May 18 to 23.

SDMC also announced that the end of the EMCO for 10 localities. 

The committee said that the EMCO enforced on the rented room situated on top of Guardian Medan Sentral in Bintulu ended on May 13.

It added that the EMCO at eight longhouses ended on May 15. The longhouses are Rh Lampoh Dana, Sg Mas, Rh Sam Sumbang, Sg Mas, and Rh Jungan Mitoh, Sg Mas in Mile 25, Jalan Bintulu-Tatau in Bintulu; Rh Elbert Mejang, Sg Stam Rasan and Rh Mabong Juwat, Sg Stam Rasan in Tubau, Sebauh; Rh Nelson Gima, Kuala Setiam, Jalan Pesisir Kuala Tatau in Tatau; Rh Nyalu Tabor, Sungai Sedarah and Rh Saran Belang, Nanga Tau in Tatau.

The committee also said that the EMCO which was enforced at Jalan Bukut Balingian Mukah (Rh Belayong, Rh Muda, Rh Tepi, Rh Minggu and Rh Undum) would end today (May 16).