Co-pilot latest positive case in Miri

Lee (seated centre) after today’s meeting.

MIRI: Miri Division Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) today revealed the source of infection of the latest Covid-19 positive case involving an individual here.

According to a statement released today, the person was infected in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

“The individual is a co-pilot in the Rural Air Services (RAS),” said Datuk Lee Kim Shim, minister in-charge of MDDMC.

The person was exempted from quarantine due to the nature of his work but was required to undergo periodical surveillance swab for RT-PCR.

The individual has been admitted to Miri Hospital for further observation. His health is stable and he has no complications.

Miri Health Department’s pandemic taskforce team has performed aggressive contact tracing to identify households and work and social close contacts of the person.

To date, 99 close contacts have been identified through face-to-face detailed interviews and movement history.

All the close contacts have been issued Home Quarantine Order for 14 days, wristband affixed and underwent Day 2 and Day 8 swabs for RT-PCR test for Covid-19.

The health department is collaborating with the said RAS to obtain the flight passenger list and their details for testing appointments.

To date, four of the close contacts have been reported positive, 23 are negative while the rest are awaiting lab results.

Although the first case was classified as an imported case, the close contact transmissions occurred in Miri.

Miri DDMC convened a meeting with all stakeholders, especially involving the hotel industry players to negotiate for more hotel rooms to be designated as Quarantine Centres on January 4 (today).

The hotel industry players in Miri District agreed to increase the rooms allocated for quarantine.  

Hence, with this encouraging development, beginning January 5, all travellers from a foreign country/Malaya/Sabah/Labuan will be subjected to 14 days’ quarantine with Day 2 and Day 8 swabs for RT-PCR Covid-19.

Once both swabs results are negative and upon completion of Day 10 quarantine, those who live in Miri will be allowed to continue the remaining four days’ quarantine in their respective homes.

They can obtain the Quarantine Release Order and have their wristbands removed at the end of 14 days’ quarantine at Miri Indoor Stadium.

For those residing in suburban and rural areas for example, Subis/Beluru/Marudi/Telang Usan areas, they have to complete the 14 days’ quarantine at the respective Quarantine Centre hotels.

The taskforce is under the stewardship of Miri Division Resident Office and supported by various agencies such as Miri Health Department, Miri Hospital, Miri Civil Defence Department, Miri Immigration Department, Miri Royal Malaysian Police, Miri Airport Holdings Berhad and Miri People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela).

Miri DDMC advised the public to remain vigilant and avoid the 3Cs (Crowded, Confined & Close Conversation) and adopt the 3Ws (Wash, Wear & Warn) guideline as advocated by Ministry of Health Malaysia.

This morning, MDDMC met to deliberate on matters relating to the Covid 19 pandemic in Miri.

The meeting was chaired by Datuk Lee Kim Shin.

Yesterday (Sunday), Lee together with the key members of MDDMC also had an online meeting with SDMC via Zoom on the Covid 19 situation in the state, including the latest situation in Miri.

Lee also briefed SDMC on the latest situation in Miri and the follow up actions that had and would be taken, especially on aggressive contact tracing and active case detection.