Coastal highway U-Turn poses danger to users

The U-Turn at KM7Jalan Mukah-Oya near the new Mukah Airport.

MUKAH: The construction of a U-Turn at the KM7 Mukah-Oya highway supposed to facilitate traffic flow near the new Mukah Airport has led to somewhat dubious circumstances.

New Sarawak Tribune observed that while the U-Turn has a significant purpose for being constructed at that section of the coastal highway, it lacked safety aspects that should have been considered.

In the first place, the U-Turn was built on the coastal highway ― not the main road or the local town road.

Located about 250 metres from the road junction leading to the new Mukah Airport, vehicles tend to move faster when driving on the highway compared to driving on arterial or collector roads.

At the Jalan Mukah-Oya coastal highway, it has been the ‘norm’ for vehicles heading from Oya to also move faster.

At a glance, the U-Turn located at the particular section of the coastal highway can be seen to pose a road safety hazard, unless if it was improved perhaps, by installing traffic lights.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo was asked about the need for traffic lights to be placed at the U-Turn.

“I will ask (about the matter) soon as I do not know about the actual plan of that particular section of the highway,” the former Balingian assemblyman told New Sarawak Tribune today.