Coffee business inspired by father’s love for ‘Kopi O’

Various choices at Wak Man Station.
By Medeena Syed Zahir

KUCHING: Starting with just three jars of water, Monaliza Drahman now has 10 jars with various flavours.

The business was started by Monaliza in 2016 and she came up with ‘Wak Man Station’ – Wak being her father’s name.

“I started out first at the Jalan Haji Taha Art Market before moving to the MetroCity Matang Night Market in 2018.”

Monaliza said that she chose coffee as her main menu as this was inspired by her father’s favourite ‘Kopi O’.

“That is why my father’s face is used as the logo.”

She related that customers would also call the coffee kopi malam Jumaat or Friday night coffee.

“There are various options such as Teh Tarik Special, Green Tea, Chocolate, Ice Coffee, Cha Bang Ang, Mint and Honey Flower Tea.

“Besides, early birds get to enjoy boba and cincau for free,” she explained.

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