SIBU: A 60- year-old coffee shop operator in Sri Aman died after taking weed killer on Sunday.

She was identified as Monica Tubong Oyau.

Sri Aman District police chief, DSP Bingkok John said yesterday that the woman’s youngest son reported to the police at 4.35pm on Sunday that his mother had died after drinking weed killer.

Bingkok said prior to the incident, at about 9am, the woman was at her coffee shop at Jalan Hospital.

She angrily asked her 65-year-old husband to send her back to her home at Jalan Pasar as she could not open for business. None of her sons and workers had turned up for work.

After that, the woman went straight to her home on the first floor of a shop house while her husband had a drink in a coffee shop on the ground floor.

He proceeded to head upstairs after suspecting something was not right.  

The man knocked on the door several times but there was no response.

He then kicked the door until it was opened.

Bingkok said that was when he saw his wife with a bottle of weed killer.

“He tried to snatch it away from her but in the process, some of the content spilt on his face and mouth. By then, the woman had already drunk a certain amount of the weed killer,” he said.

The son rushed upstairs after being alerted by his father.

He immediately sent both his parents to the hospital for treatment but the woman died at 3pm.

According to the son, his mother had been suffering from depression and had several times accused his father of having an affair with another woman.

Bingkok said the case had been classified as sudden death.