Coffee shops mull price increase of drinks

A coffeeshop setting up to comply with the SOP for coffeeshops. Photo: Bernama

SIBU: More coffee shops here are expected to increase the prices of drinks following the increase in the price of some items.

It is understood that customers now have to pay an extra 10 cents for a glass of tea and coffee.

According to some coffee shop operators, the increase was due to the soaring prices of condensed milk, evaporated milk as well as sugar.

Meanwhile, Sibu Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners Association chairman Tong Ing Kok, when contacted on Monday (Nov 29), admitted that some coffee shops here have started raising the prices of drinks.

“I have received a lot of enquiries from coffee shop operators about whether they should raise the prices.

“We (the association) are in a dilemma because to answer that question, we have to comply with the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act.

“Since we are bound by this Act, we need to be careful in telling operators what to do.

“What we can advise them is that they should not rush to raise the prices even if the prices of goods are rising.

“But if they have no choice, we can only advise them not to raise the prices too high.”

He added that what was important at the moment was that coffee shop operators should display the new price list of drinks at their premises.

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