Collapsed bridge will be replaced

The collapsed bridge at Kampung Tanah Puteh.

KUCHING: Dwellers in Kampung Tanah Puteh in the Puncak Borneo constituency will have their collapsed bridge replaced with a new one.

Plantations and Commodities Deputy Minister Datuk Willie Mongin said the Public Works Department will prepare a proposal for its construction.

He said this following the collapse of the existing bridge in the village yesterday morning.

“I received a call from village residents informing the misfortune of the bridge collapse. I am thankful that no lives were harmed due to the catastrophe,” the Puncak Borneo MP said in a Facebook post.

Willie said he had informed the JKR through its assistant director and the Serian division engineer (DE) on the incident.

“Therefore, I have urged the JKR and DE to take thorough rectification action for the convenience of the residents.

“As a result of our discussion, we proposed that a temporary bridge to be built to allow for the movement of the village folk.

“The JKR will also prepare a proposal for the construction of a stronger bridge to the Rural Development Ministry,” he said.

He will discuss with the Rural Development Minister to expedite the construction of the bridge as it is needed urgently, Willie pointed out.

“I would also like to advise road users to be careful and do not use this route until the temporary bridge is completed,” he said.