A unique attraction ― the man in a trance.

MUKAH: More than 60 contingents took part in a street procession in conjunction with the 140th anniversary of Mukah Tua Pek Kong temple here on Saturday evening.

The colourful religious procession began from the temple along the main road in the old town, entering Boulevard Setia Raja 1 and passing through several roads.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo also joined in the procession which began at 5.30pm and was accompanied by kapitan Kang Boon Eong, the temple committee members and elders as well as the procession group.

The town was serenaded by various traditional musical instruments from the parade.

A unique attraction ― the man in a trance.

A man who was sitting on a mobile platform, with two steel rods pierced through his mouth, believed to be in a trance, was among the attractions during the event.

Hundreds of people lined up along the routes to witness the procession which ended about three hours later with spectacular fireworks at a car park near the temple.

The procession was organised by Tai Shan Ting Believers Association of Mukah Tua Pek Kong.

Its chairman Leong Kin Lee, during a welcoming dinner at a resort near here on Friday night, said the last time a procession was organised here was 15 years ago.

Yussibnosh (front row fourth right) and others in the group leading the procession.