Yong (fourth left) with Choo (third right), Teo (third left), Kui Hua (second right) leading the swearing-in ceremony as Pang (left) and Datuk Lily Yong (second left) look on.

KUCHING: The first formally launched Padungan Area Committee has one common goal, which is to improve and upgrade Padungan into a lively area that attracts local as well as foreign tourists.

The official launch and swearing-in ceremony took place yesterday at a restaurant here.

The committee members are Chairman Lucas Yong, vice-chairman Oscar Choo, secretary Angel Teo, treasurer Kueh Kui Hua, and 12 ordinary committee members, namely Olivia Ting, Lim Soo Tong, Joseph Kuo, Thomas Yee, Loh Siaw Kuei, Christopher Tan, Chong Kai Wah, Kueh Kui Hin, Wee Kie Ngee, Brian Su, Alvin Tan and Jong Yean Pin. The committee advisors are Datuk Lily Yong Lee Lee and Pang Kim Soo.

The committee was formed in April 2019 with the purpose of brainstorming ideas on how to better improve and upgrade Padungan area.

Datuk Lily Yong stated that Padungan is known as a dragon road to her because of the streets and the old heritage buildings surrounding the area.

“That is why you (committee members) are here; your role is to think how to uplift, better improve and upgrade Padungan into an attractive destination for tourists.

“If anyone has any creative ideas, make a proposal and we can bring them to the relevant authorities to discuss,” she said.

Pang also advised the committee to be prepared with objections to any ideas being proposed to better improve and upgrade Padungan.

Several ideas were brought up by the committee members yesterday and among them was to create a living art gallery in Padungan.

The art gallery would be able to attract both local and foreign tourists and promote art through social media as well as letting the people know more on what Padungan has to offer.