Community Pantry well received

Minos (centre) with Sim (right) at the community food bank programme at Everise in Kota Samarahan. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Kongsi Rezeki Community Pantry programme continues to give a breath of fresh air to underprivileged local people adversely affected by the pandemic and the movement control order (MCO).

Those recipients who were asked about the food aid were understandably glad and grateful to the people and organisations that came up with the relief idea and made it work.

The most often uttered comment among them was the basic food and other necessities helped to ease their burden for a while as they continued to work out what to do next in order to survive in the coming days, weeks or even months.

At most, the aid would tide them over for just a few days and then they would be back to square one. However, for many of them, that was okay as what mattered most was the fact that some people cared enough to give them something. For that, they were utterly grateful and humbled.

Liza Mokhtar

I feel grateful for this help. Without this community pantry, there may be residents here who simply go hungry. This initiative has helped those who are really badly affected by the pandemic.

Awel Bakak

I tried to approach this pantry several times, but only recently did I get help. I got to know about it through a text message from a friend. After that, I have been coming here as I am currently unemployed.

Pong Mei Ling

I’m happy that this pantry eases the burden of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. I’m currently unemployed and if there is any other form of help, I am all for it and I am very grateful.

Tracy Anak Tuseng

This assistance is really appreciated. After my husband fell ill and can’t work, so it’s difficult for our five children. We accept whatever help is given as long as the children can eat.

Wan Alwin Wan Bunsu

I’m so glad we have this pantry because it helps hard-up people survive for a few days at least. I have four children and I have been without work for a month or so. With this help, we can ease our family burden for a while.

Dozen Sundays

I am grateful for this help because my family and I do not have enough money to buy necessities at the moment. Although it’s not much, it is enough for me and my grandchildren for the time being.