Concerned motorists in Mukah want trees trimmed

Trees that need trimming to allow motorists an unobstructed view coming out from a junction (foreground).

MUKAH: Concerned motorists are up in arms over a cluster of trees by the road kerb near a junction in the old town here.

Their grouse – the tress are obstructing their view, and the motorists are urging the authorities to take appropriate action.

New Sarawak Tribune went to the area on Tuesday (Jan 19) to check the allegations, and discovered that it was a blind spot for road users.

The trees, eight of them and planted in a nice orderly manner, are located very near the road junction, which has two one-way traffic flow.

One is from the old town leading to Mukah New Township, through Boulevard Setia Raja Lane 1, and the other one is from Jalan Penakub Hilir leading to the old town.

Interestingly, beside the junction (left side leading to New Township) is a bridge over Sungai Penakub.

It was found that initially, when the trees were planted, there was no question of blind spot, because they were still saplings.

However, over time the trees had grown and this became a problem, particularly for motorists coming out from the other junction in the old town.

A concerned motorist, identified only as Wee, claimed that the trees obstructed the view of motorists coming out from another junction in the old town.

He suggested that the trees be trimmed from time to time so that they would not become overgrown.

“I suggested to workers passing by to also trim the trees, besides trimming the other trees and flowers nearby.”

However, he claimed that his suggestion was ignored, having voiced his concern multiple times.