PAN Borneo Highway Project contractors must take into consideration issues and concerns raised by the local community and road users.

John Ilus (GPS-Bukit Semuja) who raised the local community’s concern on the practicality of the project noted the absence of road junctions at certain stretches of the highway.

“There is no junction to the Serian town along the Serian-By-Pass (from Kuching to Sri Aman) except to turn around at Serian 2. Thus, the relevant authorities are urged to create a ‘P-Turn’ or a traffic light at a
strategic place.

“Apart from that, the ‘P-Turn/U-Turn’ should be strategically located taking into account the nearby villages such as the Kg Hulu/Hilir Serian, Kg Munggu Limo, Kg Ranchan, Kg Selabi Empurung, Jalan Slabi Mantung Marau-u, Kg Seroban, Kg Ampungan, Kg Sebangkoi, Kg Rasau, Jalan Gedong, Jalan Bedup, Kg Belimbing A and Belimbing B,” he said.

On another issue, the assemblyman said that a total of 226 applicants from 12 villages have forwarded requests for rural electricity supply under the Additional or Late Applicant Fund (Alaf).

He added that 24 villages in his constituency have also applied for street lighting to light up access roads to the villages.

“We hope the relevant authorities will look into the issues,” he said.