Dr Stephen Rundi

The public are welcomed to ask Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) or the Ministry of Utilities about matters concerning electricity such as their bills.

Its minister Datuk Seri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom said there is no point in making inquiries through the wrong channels was they would not be entertained.

“If you have problems, go through the right channel which is either the SEB or the ministry. If you go elsewhere, you will not be immediately entertained by us,” he told reporters at a press conference after winding-up the debate on the state’s Supply 2020 Bill, yesterday.

Rundi further stated that if tenants said they were not notified (about overdue bills), it was either they had not been paying their bills or they were ignorant of the matter without telling the landlord.

Dr Stephen Rundi

“(It’s also possible that) they did not read or choose not to read the bills which always state how much areas are overdue or have not been paid.

“There would come a day when we’d have no choice. When reminders have been given to consumers and they still don’t pay their bills, their electricity supply have to be disconnected,” he said.

On power theft, Rundi said the suspect is not guilty until he/she is proven (guilty).

“We don’t simply charge people without proper investigation because it is not fair to the customers,” he said.

He noted that the SEB has been instructed, in accordance with the standard operating procedure (SOP) and the Electricity Supply Corporation Ordinance 1962, to ensure that “all customers who have not been paying their bills to be given ample time to explain (the matter)…”