Mohd Chee Kadir

KABONG: Kabong assemblyman Mohd Chee Kadir has urged the federal government to continue providing assistance to Malaysians during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is because the pandemic has caused many to lose their livelihood. Therefore, I hope assistance to the affected people be continued,” he said, looking forward to Budget 2021 that is set to be tabled this Friday.

“Maybe we can think of some methods that are appropriate to the current state of the country’s economy,” he told New Sarawak Tribune’s sister paper Suara Sarawak today.

Chee also hoped that the rural development agenda would be intensified so that basic amenities such as water, electricity and roads could be enjoyed by all.

“Another thing I really hope is for a large allocation be given to Sarawak to build telecommunication infrastructure in rural areas to improve Internet connection.

“This will support our efforts towards the development of digital economy.

“I think the federal government should help Sarawak grow and reach a developed state by 2030.”

He also thanked Putrajaya for the various initiatives introduced to help Malaysians during the pandemic.