Cops have a heart, too

No summons for illegally parked car damaged by falling tree branch

KUCHING:  People curse and swear when they are issued with summonses.

They call the police names and say they are heartless and unforgiving, which is not true, because they can be very considerate as was the case yesterday when strong winds tore tree branches apart in the city.

One such tree branch fell on top of a car that was parked illegally in the vicinity of the Sarawak General Hospital.

Under normal circumstances the traffic police will issue summonses to drivers of illegally parked vehicles outside the Sarawak General Hospital area.

The car with the big branch on top.

But yesterday, a policeman did not have the heart to summon the driver of an illegally parked car there.

During strong winds earlier on at 3.50pm, a big branch had fallen on top of the car.

The cop was about to issue a summons for illegal parking when he noticed the extensive damage caused by the branch.

He gave the car a long look and moved on the long line of cars similarly illegally parked.

Apparently, the cop just didn’t have the heart to issue the driver a ticket for illegal parking, probably thinking whoever its owner has suffered enough without him having to add to his misfortune with a ticket.

The policemen, however, did not spare the other illegally parked vehicles down the line.

After leaving the car damaged by the tree branch behind, he proceeded to issue traffic tickets to the other cars.

A traffic policeman, after all, must do his job and do it well. Traffic offenders must be taught their lesson, or there will be no end to traffic offences and traffic jams in the city.

No mercy for the other illegally parked cars.