EYE SORE ... Ting (left) points to a cloth hanger draped with towels outside the premises.

SIBU: The movement control order (MCO) should have raised the standard of public hygiene, commented chairman of Sibu Municipal Council, Clarence Ting Ing Horh.

He noted that the enforcement of MCO had been done for a few months now, and so a major change in sanitation should have taken place.

However, he noted that a few hair salons in the city centre were still hanging towels outside their business premises.

“When I was elected as the chairman of SMC, I raised the issue that hair salons are not allowed to leave their towels outside their premises.     

“We will discuss with the committee involved and make this issue a priority,” said Ting on Sunday.

Ting said he noticed several hair salons hanging towels outside their premises as he walked to the Tua Pek Kong from Hotel Tanahmas here on Saturday.

“When the Covid-19 pandemic hit our country, people began to realise the importance of keeping clean.

“So, if we continue the old-fashioned way, hang a towel outside the salon, exposed to dust and dirt… who wants to come to our salon?” he lamented.

He said in order to ensure that Sibu remained clean and free from the outbreak of dangerous diseases, it must first start with the residents.

“I am with my team to ensure the cleanliness of Sibu is maintained, but this effort will be more successful if it is assisted by the public.

“Many coffee shops are complaining why the council is so strict. We insist that we want the public to change their old habits,” he stated.