Council chief wants clean, safe environment

JKKK Kampong Datu and JCI from Sacred Heart and Methodist clean parts of Kampung Datu.

SIBU: Everyone is responsible for keeping the environment clean and safe.

Sibu Municipal Council chairman Clarence Ting emphasised that people should play their respective roles in making sure that the places where they live and work are kept clean at all times.

Ting was speaking at a cleanliness campaign at Kampong Datu on Sunday (Sept 13).

Members of the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) of Kampong Datu and Junior Chamber International (JCI) from Sacred Heart and Methodist came to clean some parts of the village.

“This inter-community effort is especially meaningful when the locals talk about the old days in the village when people were really close to their Chinese neighbours.”

According to him, the council will continue to stress cleanliness as the most important aspect of urban living.

Ting (white shirt) speaks to some villagers during the cleanliness campaign at Kampung Datu.