Council to implement 7 RTP projects

Nelson (left) signs a document as others look on.

MUKAH: Dalat and Mukah District Council (MDDM) is expected to implement another seven projects worth RM655,000 this year.

The projects, under the rural transformation programme (RTP), are located in Kakus district of Mukah Division.

MDDM councillor Nelson Chuat Galong accompanied by MDDM engineer Jasmeer Zaisufir Sufian, Mukah District Office staff Zaidi Basli and MDDM assistant engineer Safina Mustapa made project site visits at separate locations here recently.

Nelson was representing Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs and Kakus assemblyman Datuk John Sikie Tayai.

Jasmeer said the projects involved the widening of a car park at Rumah Garit, Bergeri at Mukah-Selangau Road at a cost of RM105,000; cleaning and levelling the site of Rumah Budin, Bukut Road in Balingian (RM60,000); upgrading of Rumah David Road, Ulu Bawan in Balingian (RM80,000); upgrading of Rumah Minggu Road, Lubuk Bukut Road in Balingian (RM90,000); levelling and building concrete in front of Rumah Tepi, Pulau Kijang in Balingian (RM150,000); upgrading of Rumah Johnny Road, Bukit Dinding at Mukah-Selangau Road (RM70,000); and upgrading of Rumah Juti Road, Pengkalan Lobang Road in Balingian (RM100,000).

Nelson (left) signs a document as others look on.