Yii (standing at the back, left) with Cr Warzieda Ahmad and other arriving at the tomb site after a five-minute boat ride.

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) will turn Dato Permaisuri’s tomb at Kampung Pujut Tanjong Batu here into a tourist attraction and historic site for visitors.

Miri Mayor Adam Yii said a project to beautify the 100-year-old tomb site would be revived with the formation of a special task force. 

“The task force will consist of the local people, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the Department of Islamic Affairs of Sarawak (JAIS),” he added after visiting the tomb site today. 

Yii was accompanied by Cr Warzieda Ahmad, Cr Abdullah Jaini and several NGO members during the visit.

The mayor added the task force would study the implementation of the project and prepare the paperwork before seeking for funds.

Yii (clad in white attire) being briefed on the beautification plan.

The beautification project was proposed in 2004 but did not take off. 

“At that time, the beautification project was estimated to cost RM5.7million, and Miri City Council back then was known as Miri Municipal Council.

“Miri then was preparing for city status,” explained Yii.  

Dato Permaisuri’s tomb is located on 2.84 hectares of land near Kampung Pujut Tanjong Batu. The tomb site can be reached either by boat or by land. It is about five minutes’ boat ride from the Kampung Pujut Tanjong Batu jetty and 15 minutes’ drive by land.

Yii (clad in white attire) being briefed on the beautification plan.

According to the locals, Dato Permaisuri was a beautiful princess from Johore who settled down in Miri after a shipwreck.

The shipwreck happened while she was on her way to Brunei. Fortunately, she survived and landed on the beach where the locals took care of her. Eventually, she settled down here.

She set up a school and spread the teaching of Islam. She was very much respected here for her unselfish service to the locals.