Councillors urged to help govt develop Sarawak

Len (second left) witnesses the swearing-in of MDDC council members.

KUCHING: Newly sworn-in council members of Matu-Daro District Council (MDDC) were reminded to help the state government develop Sarawak.

Urban Development and Natural Resources assistant minister Datuk Len Talif Salleh said the areas of Tanjung Manis, Matu and Daro must prosper in the future with widespread development and improved socioeconomic.

“Congratulations to all the council members who have been appointed and I hope that they can help the government and work together to develop the state.

“It is very meaningful in supporting the development and socio-economic agenda in the districts of Tanjung Manis, Matu and Daro thus contributing to rural economic development,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday (July 23).

Earlier, he witnessed the swearing-in of 32 council members from MDDC’s virtual ceremony in Tanjung Manis.

At the same time, Len also expressed confidence that the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) will channel more development funds to MDMD.

“This given the large administrative area and implement all planned projects properly so that the people can benefit from the development,” he said.

The Kuala Rajang assemblyman said it is not an easy task to manage three districts under on district council.

“It requires planning, commitment and stable financial resources to achieve sustainable development for the three districts.

“I hope that the council members will shoulder their responsibility to implement the infrastructure and economic development agenda in the administrative areas of MDDC,” he said.