Covid-19, NRP should be parliament’s focus

The poster for Isu Bual Bicara Live: Menjelang Pembukaan Pembukaan Persidangan Khas Parlimen 2021.

KUCHING: Finding ways to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and implement the National Recovery Plan (NRP) successfully must be the central focus of parliament, says a political analyst.

Associate Professor Dr Neilson Ilan Mersat said cooperation between the government and the opposition was pertinent.

“The focus of the special (Parliament) sitting is Covid-19, but of course, there may be some diversions to political issues instead. 

“I personally feel that what is most important is for the government and opposition to work together with regard to the pandemic. I believe this (the pandemic) is more serious than other issues.”

Associate Professor Dr Neilson Ilan Mersat

Prof Ilan said this during a live discussion Menjelang Pembukaan Pembukaan Persidangan Khas Parlimen 2021 at Borneo Channel’s Facebook page on Sunday (July 25).

He added that since gaining independence, Malaysia had never avoided, delayed or postponed elections from being held — until now.

“The emergency proclamation is a very serious thing; it was declared because we are facing a big threat. Moreover, it became necessary to make sure that apt and suitable measures are taken in the interest of the nation.

“If we were to hold elections after the emergency is lifted on Aug 1, I personally, worry for Sarawak. Looking at the rural areas, they are very vulnerable to the virus as exemplified by the Pasai Cluster.

“We must also take into consideration the public health system, whether or not we have the capacity and capability if another wave happens.”

A screenshot of the live discussion.
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