Covid-19’s impact on mental health

KUCHING: In order to reach out to, and engage with, communities around the region, a Sarawak-based NGO, Organisation for Addiction Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation, also known as Oaptar, organised a webinar.

The webinar on “Covid-19 and Beyond: Impact on Mental Health” was broadcast live last Saturday (June 20) at 2pm on the gotowebinar platform.

Four speakers from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia shared the Covid-19 experience in the context of their own countries.

Although the regional experiences are similar, different countries address the pandemic in quite different ways.

The discussion highlighted the impact on mental health and the way forward to better address mental health issues of the vulnerable population.

The speakers also discussed the brighter side of the pandemic and the lockdown, like family bonding, time for relaxation and doing things that one had always wanted to do.

Oaptar is a registered NGO that reaches out to communities through its community outreach programmes on addiction prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The video recording of the webinar is on and on Oaptar’s Facebook.