Covid Assessment Centre at MBKS Indoor Stadium

Screengrab of Dr Cheong (left) answering on an issue raised by the public during the live talk, while Wee (right) looks on.

KUCHING: A Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) has been proposed at the Kuching City South Council’s (MBKS) Indoor Stadium.

The centre’s commander-in-chief Dr Cheong Yaw Liang in revealing this said that MBKS mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng has agreed in principle for the facility to be used as a CAC.

“I am planning and working closely with the Kuching Division Health Office to set up another CAC.

“I am looking at using the Indoor Stadium of MBKS, and it will take a little bit of time because there is a minor repair that needs to be done,” he said during a live streaming entitled “Shall Wee Talk” hosted by Wee on Saturday (Sept 18).

Dr Cheong, however, said that in the meantime shortage of manpower was holding them back from setting up the CAC.

“I can set it up but do not have doctors to run it. I need doctors in Kuching to help me run it,” he said.

He took note of the long waiting time for the public who visited the CAC at the Stadium Perpaduan.

“I am totally aware of the four to five hours wait, (this is) mainly due to the slow Internet speed that has affected the keying in (of data).

“Secondly, the crowd is large, and we take some time to look into every single case. If anyone needs extra care, we will sit extra time to understand and answer all the questions there. That is why the process for a patient may take four to five hours,” he explained.

He added that the relevant authorities were trying their best to improve the situation and give more comfort to everyone who goes to the CAC at Stadium Perpaduan.

“But, then of course sometimes we cannot fulfill all the wishes. We try our very best and we hope that we get the understanding from the general public including the patients who visited the facility.”

Dr Cheong noted that there was a decrease in patients going to the CAC at Stadium Perpaduan for the past two to three days.

“We will ensure that once there is less crowd, the waiting time will be shorter,” he said.

On those who have completed their quarantine order but have not been given the release order, he said they can head to the Kuching Division Health Office at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce to have the wristband cut off and be issued with the release order.